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Thank you for authorizing the BLPOA to send you timely email notices that we feel to be of interest to adult residents in our community. It also provides you with the opportunity to share your contact information in a new BLPOA Member Directory.  Please read the directions below as it contains answers to many common questions.

1) Owners, co-owners and each adult member of your family that wishes to receive future mailings from the BLPOA should fill out this form with a separate email address. Note that only the property's owner and co-owner information will be shared to the Member Directory if that option is selected. Only persons that are owners and co-owners can appear in the directory; entities (ie: banks, trusts, corporations, etc.) will -not- be shared in the directory.    

2) Enter only the primary lake address (home, lot, etc.) that you live in; or the one you usually stay at when you are here (for those that use their property on weekends, vacation weeks, seasonally, etc.).

3) The email address you provide is primarily for use by the BLPOA Communications Director (however, it will be shared with the BLPOA Treasurer as a backup contact email address). Please be sure to forward any changes to your name, addresses, etc. to the treasurer separately via email:

4) If an owner or co-owner selects the "Yes - .." answer button to the "Share your contact info in the Member Directory?" question; then the Name, Address and Telephone Numbers (unless telephone numbers are left blank) that have been provided will be shared in the Member Directory.  If any of the "No - .." option buttons are selected - none of the information you provided will be shared. Email addresses are never shared in the directory. The published Belleau Lake Member Directory will consist of a "password-protected" Adobe PDF type file provided only to the members of our community. Note: the Member Directory will be made available only to those that choose to share their information in it.

5) If you use your keyboard's TAB key to move from one question to the next, help text will be shown below the associated answer entry box. 

6) You must click the gray Subscribe button at the bottom of the page when done.  After clicking Subscribe scroll UP to see if any answer box is RED - indicating it needs to be corrected (then click Subscribe again).  Otherwise none of your responses will be submitted!

7) You're almost done! Check your inbox for an email confirming receipt of your answers. Acknowledgement of this confirmation email by clicking the link in it is required to complete the process and ensures that you can receive messages sent by our email list provider: Mailchimp.  You can expect to receive the confirmation email in a few minutes.  If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour (be sure to check your spam / junk mail folders); or if you have any questions or concerns - please send them to me via email to:

Thank you for your continued interest in the BLPOA Mailing List and Member Directory.

Steve Consolmagno
BLPOA Communications Director

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Please enter co-owner's last name (can be spouse, trust, etc.).
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Type the name of your lake road (not your mailing address) ONLY if you selected "UNLISTED" above. Otherwise, leave blank.
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Provide a primary telephone number to appear in the directory. Skip if no number is to be shared.
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If you answered NO the the previous question, you should select "NO" here. Don't forget to click "Subscribe" below after selecting an answer!
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